April & May and still the rubbish weather will not go away!

The story of the year so far is the terrible weather we have had, besides a few sunny days which have been blowing a gale, there really isn’t much to celebrate, I’m currently sat watching the neighbors bins trying to escape over the fence in the gentle 30 mph breeze…things are calming down then must be June!

404 Summer

Despite all that mother nature can throw at us we are still manning up and getting out there, last month Jeff “Summittoppler” led the forum ride through the old mine working of Moel Hebog, not only that he filmed it and Singletrack picked it up on their midweek minimovies. Good work buddy, if you haven’t seen it, then check it out below.

This month a small group of us headed out round the Berwyns in what can only be described as changeable conditions, given the forecast last week it actually wasn’t as bad as they had predicted, which given the route is pretty exposed I was extremely glad about. Kudos goes out to Gareth who forgot his SPD shoes and rode the entire route in normal trainers on caged SPD pedals, good skills fella not quite sure how you managed it but fair play.


Next months Forum ride is yet to be confirmed, if you would like to lead a ride round your favorite trail then let us know on the forum, needs to be between 20 – 30 miles depending on terrain and nothing super technical as all levels of rider will attend, we will update the forum when we have something sorted….Catch you all soon!

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